(since 2000)
2021     The Laud Chronicles
               Commissioned by the Northwest Sinfonietta in celebration of its 30th Anniversary

2019     Terra Nostra

            For large orchestra, revised version


2017     Gaman 

               For 9 instruments, commissioned by Music of Remembrance in commemoration of 75th                         Anniversary of incarceration of Japanese Americans during World-War II


2014     Terra Nostra 

               For large orchestra commissioned by Susan and Jeff Lubetkin on the subject of Climate change

2012     Embargo, Suite Cubana 

             For 2 solo percussionists and orchestra


2010     Opre Roma!

               For 3 Gypsy jazz guitars and orchestra


2006    Syzygy

               For large orchestra


2001    Déjà vu

           For string orchestra, string quintet and harp